Your name is EZRA HATFIELD...

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Your name is EZRA HATFIELD...

Post  pumpkinFallacy on Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:32 pm

And you are currently extremely confused, because apparently you are supposed to play a GAME of some sort with some of your internet friends? It's supposedly pretty important, and also really confusing and dafshgklajdsg. You are a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL, or would be anyway if you weren't HOMESCHOOLED. It's pretty cool. And, for the record, you do NOT eat dog food. You like to play the PIANO, waste copious amounts of time on the internet, and go around and ride TRAINS. You really love trains. Like, really. You could go on for hours about trains, and how amazing they are. You have also recently taken a shining to LINGUISTICS, and can frequently be seen walking around muttering strange-sounding words. You also like singing along to awful pop songs in an out-of-tune fashion.

What will you do?

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