Your name is ASHE MESSIER...

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Your name is ASHE MESSIER...

Post  abundantDreamer on Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:00 pm

And apparently you are suppose to be playing this new game that all the kids were raving about. Well maybe not all the kids, but your significant other. Yeah sure you loved video games, but the problem was that you do not KNOW any of these other players that your girlfriend, EVELYN PAGE has been talking about. Being the LAZY SHIT you are, it took a lot of these UNKNOWN people and their pestering to get you to finally retrieve the game. But besides all of this game stuff, you were now towards the very end of your FINAL year in high school. Three years of the CULINARY ARTS has finally paid off and maybe you could make SOMETHING of yourself. FOOD was your passion and eating was an even GREATER passion. All this talk about food was making you hungry so you needed to stop. Photography was a hobby of yours but you also liked to collect stuffed DEAD animals. That's right, TAXIDERMY was a secret thing of yours but really you weren't against telling anyone. And NO you do not eat the INSIDES of the animals you get stuffed. but it was actually quite obvious that you liked this stuff because you wore a RACOON HAT on your head at all times. you wish you weren't so afraid to tell your girlfriend about your hobby. She might find you weird if she knew.

Because people found you so quirky and mysterious, you find yourself typing with extra spaces between your letters and your chum handle is abundantDreamer It would have had to do with your hobby, but again, you didn't want to scare people.

What will you do now?


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