Your name is CHRIS ANDREWS...

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Your name is CHRIS ANDREWS...

Post  combinatorialEnigma on Mon May 06, 2013 9:17 pm

Your name is CHRIS ANDREWS, and you are a MASTER HACKER.

Well, at least, you're a master hacker in training. You'd like to discard those last two words. But though you can bend nearly any code to your will, the most arcane and forbidden practices of technomancy remain yet outside your reach. When you picked up a copy of DARK BARNACLE: THE PAMPERING, the game that has been regrettably diverting you from your studies, you were hoping to EXPLOIT and BREAK it as a way of proving your hacking expertise. You hadn't counted on getting a group of SUPPORTIVE INTERNET GAMING BROS out of it, though you've started to get tired of DB:TP and really wish they'd move on to something else.

You are currently a STUDENT at a nondescript UNIVERSITY belonging to a LEAGUE inexplicably organized around INVASIVE CLIMBING WALL PLANTS, and are well equipped to perpetuate its dual reputations of turning out both UPPER-CLASS DOUCHEBAGS and SOCIALLY CRIPPLED GENIUSES. You're pretty sure that you have a DORM and maybe a ROOMMATE, but you've taken to just living in the academic buildings instead most of the time. It's a lot more convenient, though it lets everyone see just how little of a life you have.

As people tend to do, you have a number of INTERESTS. Most of the time, you just do whatever on your computer trying to make a breakthrough on some impenetrable piece of code. But you are an avid consumer of WEBCOMICS, films starring AUSTIN'S DEITY, and a cartoon about SCALED DOWN YOUNG EQUINES. You also have a passion for GEOMETRIC PUZZLES of a TWISTY NATURE, and really for anything involving logic. This is the point where you would talk about how much you loved RECURSION, if you didn't know that that would bore people to death. So instead you will talk about how much you like FOOD, especially when it is ASIAN, MOUNTAIN SPEW, or FREE. Also, you play the PIANO, mostly because you were FORCED to learn it once.

Your chumhandle is combinatorialEnigma and you type in what you would like to think is a serious and academic manner, though you realize that others may not perceive it as such and may be annoyed by your verbosity, and you tend to drop this facade when flustered.

What will you do?

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