Your name is JEFF THOMAS...

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Your name is JEFF THOMAS...

Post  suspiciouslyVicarious on Tue May 07, 2013 4:22 am

And it feels like this has been a long time coming, even though you aren't entirely sure what you mean by that.

Your bedroom is covered in all forms of trash, empty soda bottles and empty hot-pocket casings litter the floor. The only reason the room smells remotely nice because you have a disgusting air-freshener fetish that you'd rather not discuss with the public. You consider yourself something of an AMERICAN GODDAMN HERO because you are a local at the nearby boxing gym, you go there every day for roughly five hours working yourself into shape and taking part in real fights in hopes that you can go professional and get in the state wide rankings and soon, take on THE WORLD! Outside of boxing your interest are rather dull, boring and kind of unimportant. You like modern fantasy settings with a STRANGE NEW TWIST added onto them for example one of your favorite games DARK BARNACLE: THE PAMPERING is the only reason you use your computer outside of porn and discussing things on VISAGETOME with your friends.

Your chumhandle is suspiciouslyVicarious, and you type In a manner that reflects your mood, but you type so quckly you are prone to spelling errors.

What will you do?

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