Your name is EVELYN PAGE...

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Your name is EVELYN PAGE...

Post  deityInamorata on Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:02 am

Your name is EVELYN PAGE, and you should not have done so much CRYSTAL METH last night. That was a JOKE. You make JOKES a lot.
You have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS, most of which, your peers refused to converse with you about. First of all, you are a GIRL GAMER. Big woop. What a special snowflake you are. Or at least, that’s what you would be thinking, if you could hear your self deprecating thoughts over the sound of your BADASS MMORPG CHARACTERS and FORUM POPULARITY. Bitches better be down on their fucking knees to kiss your feet when you walk in. When it strikes you as the right time, you tend to DRESS UP AS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS. No, it’s not lame. It’s just you accepting that they’re much cooler than you and it would be pretty awesome to be them for a while. Be honest with yourself. It is pretty hard to disagree that SETTING FIRE TO THE RAIN as KESHA MILENKO: DESTORYER OF PLANES is better than staying up until 5AM drinking soda and eating chips as Evelyn Page. Also, crafting the costumes is really super fun. Like, wow. Making armor is the best. Keeping up with cool interests that you hold, you also enjoy exploring the MOST MYSTERIOUS PARTS OF LIFE. Satanic magic, conspiracy theories, mythical creatures that may or may not actually be mythical. You keep track of it all. You’re like Wikipedia, but for things that the government doesn’t want the people knowing about. Okay, maybe it’s a little more like the things that modern families don’t want their poor, pure, angel children exposed to. You still, however, pride yourself very highly in the knowledge. Recently, you’ve been focusing on two major topics: the fact that the recent Dark Barnacle: The Pampering patches have surely just been put out to appeal to the black market that obviously exists in the depths of the game and quelling negative emotions that have been apparent in your close friends. You like to call this technique GIVING ADVICE. You think you’re rather good at it. You also commonly find yourself engrossed in the works of VARIOUS RESPECTABLE MUSIC ARTISTS, such as LADY GAGA, NICKI MINAJ, and KE$HA. They really are such inspiring ladies. No one can sing about GETTING DOWN AND DIRTY like they can. Of course, you’re not stupid enough to limit your music tastes there. You’re simply smart enough to stop talking there. Finally, you make a point to keep up with VARIOUS WEBCOMICS AND CARTOONS. It’s a bit silly compared to your other exploits, but you still enjoy it. Plus, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t make costumes of a few of the characters you admire. You just can’t help it. Costuming is just so fun. Recently, you have found yourself getting a bit SNARKY, but it’s probably just because of you HUMUNGOUS EGO.
Your pesterchum is deityInamorata and you type as if you really aren’t as god-like as you try to make yourself out to be omfg haha like really damn.
What will you do?

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