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Your name is VICTOR STANOVICH, and you're currently sitting in your comfortable armchair.

You've just come back from yet another SORCERY TOURNAMENT, once again crushing the opposition and claiming your well-deserved prize. While you are an avid player of SORCERY: THE CONGREGATION, dueling is only part of the fun. While you were there, you also made some EXCELLENT TRADES, all of which were in your favor. You don't make trades that are not in your favor. This is how you have made almost a THOUSAND DOLLARS just by trading. While this card game takes up much of your time, you also have various other INTERESTS that captivate you. You are a non-ironic follower of the show SDYE, also known as SCALED DOWN YOUNG EQUINES. Your room is filled from wall to wall with VARIOUS MERCHANDISE and FAN CREATIONS based on the show, much of which you GOT FOR FREE. You don't talk about it much these days, but you are actually a MEDIA MAGNATE, and are capable of many media-related wonders, and run several ONLINE ART GALLERIES.

While not playing your card game with friends or engaging in equine-related activities, you find yourself buried deep in work from MORE THAN DOUBLE THE NORMAL AMOUNT OF CLASSES, because you're JUST A LITTLE CRAZY. When you finally manage to find some time for yourself, you occasionally pick up a good FANTASY book or listen to some INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. You are also an avid follower of POLITICS and ECONOMICS, and know ALL THINGS POLITICAL and ECONOMIC.

Your Chumhandle is goldenCapitalist and you prefer to speak in a serious manner.

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