Time to Gear Up!

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Time to Gear Up!

Post  technoGender on Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:39 pm

This is a thread for people who wish to help everybody alchemize some real life gear to use for FLARPing or just LOOKING RADICAL.

GOD-TIER CLOTHING: So it has come to my attention that there may be some slight complications with the transactions needed for me to procure you all hoodies, so I've come up with a few options that I will list below.

What is required no matter what: Half the money for your desired article of clothing (10 for a shirt, 18 for a hoodie, 20 for a zipper hoodie) If you require a size larger than normal (Normal hoodies have a extra 2 dollars on the price for 2XL and 3XL) I will cover the extra cost, I'll also handle all S&H cost regardless. I will only get you one piece of clothing that is your in-character god-tier aspect. I will need your size as well. (hoodies and ziphoodies are recommended to be ordered a size above your shirt size)

OPTIONAL: A mailing address for me to mail the clothing directly too. (Not available for option three)

OPTION ONE: We meet up in person twice, once for you to give me your half of the money, the other for me to give you the clothes. This can be a bostonstuck meetup or just a meeting arranged between the two of us. This will probably be the slowest method as it requires both me and you to have two free days to meet.

OPTION TWO: (PREFERRED) The quickest option for both of us, you deposit your money into my pay-pal account ( braxton.henderson@gmail.com ) and I order it right away, either having it mailed to your place of residence or we can arrange a meetup for me to give you the hoodie.

OPTION THREE: You tell me what piece of clothing you want and I order it right away, I will then keep the clothing until such time that you may give me your part of the money and then you get the clothing right away since I will already have it on hand. This will be slightly slower than option two as I will need to get all the money together myself first.

DISCLAIMER: This is all totally legal, I am not making a profit by doing this since I am paying for half the cost, shipping, and handling. I am also buying directly from What Pumpkin so this is official Homestuck merchandise.

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